You'll hear the difference a professional voice makes.
And so will your audience.

Give your voiceover projects the prestige, nuance, and personality that connects with your target audience.

I'm Sharon Mann, an American actress based in Paris, who specializes in voiceovers for commercials, documentaries, and corporate films as well as dubbing feature films and cartoons.
I bring over 15 years of experience working with international clients such as Chanel, Hermès, McDonald's, and Sodexo to your voiceover project.

You can hear my voice:

• Whispering in silvery anticipation as a cheetah stalks a gazelle on National Geographic
Tempting George Clooney with another frothy shot of Nespresso (it's his 4th, but who's counting!)
                  • Conveying the awe and genius of the latest technological advances by GovSat-1
Listen to my demos and hear how a clear, crafted voiceover elevates a film from average to awesome.
Divino Inferno by Bruno Aveillan
Rodin and The Gates of Hell
Commemorating the centenary of Rodin's death, Divino Inferno explores the extasy and torment of a visionary genius. Bruno Aveillan's first documentary film with a text co-authored by Zoé Balthus is a sensual and muscular portrait of creative intuition.
A film by Bruno Aveillan, Scenario by Bruno Aveillan, Zoé Balthus and Stephan Levy-Kuentz

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More than just a pretty voice... I'm a native English copywriter.
As a copywriter, I specialize in writing scripts, slogans & taglines, and ad copy for French corporate and luxury brand films.

Because I'm bilingual and bicultural, I expertly adapt existing scripts into English, so your message is clear, concise, and respects the original intention -- capturing your audience's attention and keeping it.

It's not enough to simply translate French voiceovers & content into English. Let me "culture-proof" your message, so the ideas resonate with international audiences and move them to action.

  Like what you're hearing ?
I'm available for recordings in professional studios all over the Paris region or via Skype sessions. I have a quick turnaround for placeholder recordings to help production teams and their clients gauge the timing and impact of your voiceover -- keeping the momentum up and your project moving forward.

Together, in the studio, we'll talk about your project. I'll craft the voiceover that best suits its unique character and offer the human touch that keeps audiences engaged.

Because for commercials, corporate films, and documentaries, it takes a human voice to move people.

Let's create a brand story that keeps your audience listening.

Contact me about a project

What Sharon brought to the project was decisive. Her voice together with the music made for a small miracle.

Her acting, timbre, and intonations carried these two minutes of film, and raised it from the level of a simple resume of facts to a moment of grace and emotion, without false affectation, with great simplicity and warmth that touches people's hearts and gives you goose bumps.

Not to mention, she's someone with whom it's particularly enjoyable to work.

Jean-François Bouchet
Copywriter, DDB Paris