Creative copywriting with an international edge

   Live in Paris, it's American copywriter Sharon Mann -- expertly writing...
           • Scripts that take the bored out of boardroom for luxury and corporate brand films
           • Slogans and taglines with strong brand resonance
           • Ad copy that increases brand awareness, leads, and customers
    And building brand authority that connects and converts turning conventional into cha-ching.


You need brand writing that makes corporations feel relatable and luxury feel essential.
Fluent in both French and English, I bring the linguistic nuance and cultural savoir faire you need for successful international marketing campaigns.

As one client put it,
"We should always work this way."
I'd just rewritten a VO script for an ad campaign that would soon be seen around the world. Bringing visibility and revenue to his client.
And winning a coveted award for his agency.

But this success story almost didn't happen... The ideas were all there, but they were buried in long, confusing sentences and awkward phrasing that made the audience scratch their heads and think -- huh?

           • I transform bland bullet points into compelling brand storytelling...
                      For maximal resonance with target audiences.
           • I transcribe unique brand culture into...
                    A vibrant and effective brand voice.
           • I translate complicated concepts across cultures...
                     So your message is clear, concise and persuasive

As a go-to American voiceover artist in France, I understand what brand films need to hook audiences -- keeping them entertained and wanting more.
A self-proclaimed word nerd, copywriting was a natural next step for me. I mean, I'm the gal who brought a 7-kilo French-English dictionary in her suitcase when she moved to Paris ! I only packed the essentials.

Working with agencies and production companies
including Ah ! Productions, FF Creative, Interbrand, Minsk Films, Orygen Films, Phénomène, The Social Wire and 1718 Paris, I help their clients make bold branding and strategy moves for Cartier, Coty, L'Oréal, LU, McDonald's, Mixa, Natixis, Sodexo, Sony, and others.

Give your brand the international edge that resonates with global customers.
Contact me and schedule a consultation.

For resonant brand writing

It was a real delight to work with Sharon on the film LU, Success Story. She was seamlessly able to delve into our brand's identity.

With great creativity and a perfect grasp of our brand and its key issues, Sharon wrote us an English-language storytelling piece in perfect alignment with our expectations.

Céline Radic
Brand Manager Biscuits LU
Mondelez International