Voiceover Scripts
for luxury and corporate brands

Does your brand need smart, crafted wording to inform and inspire consumers?
My specialty is writing scripts for brand films and strategic voiceover copy.
My focus is on building a message that transcribes unique brand culture into a clear, vibrant and impactful narrative.


Fluent in both French and American English, I bring the linguistic nuance and cultural savoir-faire required for successful international marketing campaigns.

I transform bullet points into compelling brand story-telling.
I polish existing scripts for clarity and maximal resonance with target audiences.

I freelance with ad agencies, brands and production companies, joining the team at all phases of the process from brainstorming and copywriting to copy-editing and artistic direction.

Twenty years' experience interpreting great copy as a voiceover artist for discerning luxury and corporate brands means I've been inside a lot of great storytelling. Two years of intensive study with business strategist Tara Gentile provided training in marketing copy, crafting headlines and speaking to what target audiences really want.

So, what are your video script and adaptation needs in English?
I'd love to hear about your upcoming projects.

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For resonant brand writing

Ce fut un réel plaisir de travailler avec Sharon sur le film LU, Success Story. Elle a su s'immerger parfaitement dans l'univers de la marque.

Sa compréhension de la marque et de ses enjeux, combinée à la créativité de Sharon, lui ont permis de nous écrire un storytelling en anglais en parfait adéquation avec nos souhaits.

Céline Radic
Brand Manager Biscuits LU
Mondelez International