A great advertisement or corporate film isn't a fluke
It happens when concise copy meets the right voice.
Telling a story your customers can relate to and believe in.

Behind those words is a person.
Someone you can trust to bring the emotion, intelligence & enthusiasm that make the difference between a good film and a great film.

That's where I come in !

I'm Sharon Mann, an American actress based in Paris.

I specialize in voiceovers for commercials, documentary and corporate films, as well as writing and adapting voiceover scripts for international luxury and corporate brands.

Growing up, I was that curly-headed kid goofing around with a tape recorder making up songs & writing commercials for imaginary products, doing cartwheels in the backyard.

With a Master of Arts in Acting from the Denver Center Theatre and a degree in Psychology from U.C. Berkeley, I've never wondered about my motivation.

I love bringing a good story to life.

Working with Sharon, I find the level of skill and dedication that I experienced in Hollywood while working for Ubisoft.

Jeff Spock
Narrative Director, Amplitude Studios

I bring over 15 years of experience working with prestigious clients to your voiceover project. Together in the studio, we'll discuss your vision and craft a voiceover that's fresh and distinctive.

My scripts are known for their clear, vibrant storytelling and easy conversational flow. My adaptations respect your original message and capture your brand's unique voice.

Voice Samples


Writing Samples


If you are looking for an authentic English voice, your search is over!

Sharon is an accomplished voice talent who understands perfectly what is required and adjusts her voice immediately to deliver exactly what is needed.

She is a true professional who consistently produces an excellent result and will save you time and effort getting there.

Robin Young
Communications Director, Veolia