When your brand speaks English, it connects with the world.
With more French brands creating slogans and marketing directly in English -- 10% more in 2017 alone -- you need an inside edge so your message attracts attention and accurately portrays your brand.

You need someone who can turn ordinary brand facts and features into engaging brand affinity and emotion.
And give you the power to truly connect with global audiences.

That's where I come in !
I'm Sharon Mann, an American copywriter and voice actress based in Paris.
Fluent in French and English, I specialize in writing scripts, slogans, and product descriptions that give luxury and corporate brands a human voice.

I capture your brand message through a comprehensive method
Analysis Where I delve into your brand, your industry and the players, and find the message that will move customers toYes.
Savoir Faire Where I build a message strategy that's aligned with your brand values and project goals.
Artistry Where I craft the message that speaks to the heart of your audience. Because emotion drives sales.

Using this tested process, I also adapt scripts from French to English.
And can polish your existing copy and content with language that is clear, concise & respects the original intention.

My clients include Cartier, Coty, Estée Lauder, L'Oréal, Mondelez International, and Sony.

En collaborant avec Sharon, je retrouve un niveau d'investissement et de talent chez elle qui me rappelle mon expérience chez Ubisoft à Hollywood.

Jeff Spock
Narrative Director, Amplitude Studios

A Copywriter plus... an American Voiceover Actor

As a professional voice actor, I bring prestige, nuance, and personality to your final project.
Together, in the studio, we'll craft the voiceover that best suits your vision and your brand's unique character.

Listen to a selection of my demos and download your favorites on my Voiceovers page.

With a Master of Arts in acting from the Denver Center Theatre and a degree in psychology from U.C. Berkeley, I've never wondered about my motivation.
I love bringing a good story to life !

Give your English-language project a distinctive advantage.
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Mes démos voix

Ecoutez ! C'est par ici

Rédaction en anglais


J'ai enfin trouvé une rédactrice anglophone remarquable à Paris. Sharon a un don pour trouver les mots justes et s'implique totalement tout en restant positive, flexible et créative.

Je collabore avec elle régulièrement (or nous collaborons avec elle régulièrement) pour les lancements de produits de la ligne de cosmétiques Darphin et l'ai engagée pour m'assister dans le naming d'une nouvelle franchise.

Je recommande chaleureusement Sharon pour tous vos projets nécessitant une écriture convaincante et pertinente.

Courtney Das
Global Marketing Manager, Darphin (Estée Lauder)